About us

“Rights Now Collective for Democracy is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established in Sri Lanka founded in November 2007. RN is a membership based organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). “Rights Now” has been registered as a Non-profit sharing limited liability company in Sri Lanka at the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act No.17 of 1982 as amended in 2007.

“Rights Now” was founded by a group of Human Rights Defenders including lawyers. This group has been collectively engaged in protection and promotion of Human Rights in Sri Lanka. The group, after consulting the various partners and stake holders has decided to form an organization to continue their commitment in defense of Human and Democratic Rights in Sri Lanka.

“Rights Now” has been functioning as a volunteer organization and has actively taken part in training, capacity building, advocacy and lobbying activities conducted jointly with traditional and nontraditional Human Rights defenders in Sri Lanka. Rights Now played a leading role in building networks with other civil society organizations, political parties, trade Unions, Student unions and public.

“Rights Now” played a facilitating role in bringing together different organizations and individuals including lawyers who are engaged in the work related to protection and promotion of human rights in Sri Lanka. Platform for Freedom, Movement for Free and Fair, Lawyers for Democracy, Citizen’s Rights, People’s Movement against Dictatorial Insanity and Peoples’ Commission for Human Rights can be identified as some of the  networks rights Now has participated.