Movement for Free and Fair Elections

On 9th March 2011, Movement for Free and Fair Election called a press conference to brief the issues relating to elections and ongoing election campaign and the elections to be held on 17th March 2011 for Local Government Authorities. Rigthts Now organized this press conference and paricipated for that.

MFFE is The Movement for Free and Fair Elections (M.F.F.E) has as its objective the creation of sufficiently strong public opinion and campaigning capacity to achieve the necessary changes.

MFFE together with PAFFREL has been permitted to situate their observers within the polling stations for more than a decade. However MFFE partners did not function as independent entity from around 2001 but collaborated with PAFFREL.

It is necessary to revive the MFFE not only as an E.M.O but more importantly as an organization to catalyze a people’s movement calling for radical and comprehensive electoral reform which would include competent and independent election commission, legal recognition of civil society organizations and their observers to participate meaningfully in the conduct of election including monitoring