British General Election and Nationalism

Jun 9th, 2017 | By | Category: LEAD NEWS

Prime Minister Theresa May conducted a snap general election in order to have more power in negotiating Brexit talks with the European Union. According to the election results so far released with results of one more seat to be released, Conservative Party secured 318 (2015- 331) seats, Labour Party secured 261 (2015-232) seats and Scottish National Party secured 35 (2015-56) seats. Conservative Party in relation to 2015 election got 13 seats less and they will not get the minimum seats of 325 required to form a Government. Also Scottish National Party received 21 seats less compared to 2015 election.

As of now there are two trends can be identified. One is that the public opinion against Brexit has come forward and the other is that the public opinion against separation of Scotland from Briton has come forward.  After the Brexit referendum and after the US Presidential elections nationalists throughout the world including the Minister Champika Ranawaka expressed their view that the era of globalization was over and the new trend was to have nationalist governments. This view was shattered by the French Presidential elections and trend was now established by the British General Elections. The future of Briton would be to stay within the European Union after another referendum and establish as one strong nation.

-Harsha Gunasena

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