39 Year old Man who Painted Battaramulla Residence of Murdered Journalist Mel Gunasekara Arrested as Suspected Killer by Police in Dompe

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Police last evening arrested the prime suspect in the murder of senior Business journalist and Asst Vice President of Fitch Ratings, Ms.Mel Gunasekera at her residence in Battaramulla.

Mel-GunesekeraSSP Ajith Rohana said that the officers of the special Crime Investigation Unit of the Mirihana Police had made the arrest at the New Road, Dompe. Suspect Samson Anthony of the same address is a house painter and he had worked at Mel’s house three months ago.

The 39 year-old suspect was arrested in Dompe at around 8.00 pm, within hours of the murder, police said.

Police also found a blackberry phone belonging Ms. Gunasekera in the suspect’s possession. The suspect had worked as the “Paint Baas”house painter at Ms. Gunasekera’s house, Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said.

Police also found a Blackberry mobile phone owned by Ms. Gunasekera in suspect’s possession.

The suspect had worked as a painter at Ms. Gunasekera’s house, Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said.

Initial investigation revealed that the suspect had worked at Ms. Gunasekera’s house for several days and had found that there was usually nobody in the house on Sunday mornings as everyone went to church.

However, Ms. Gunasekera had not gone to the church today.

The suspect had entered the house around 6am yesterday through the main door, which had not been locked. According to the suspect’s statement, Ms. Gunasekera had seen him as soon as he had entered the house.

Then the panicked suspect had stabbed Ms. Gunasekera using two knives taken from the victim’s house itself.

Although the suspect told police during the interrogation that he robbed only Rs. 1,200 and a mobile phone from the house, but police believe that the suspect had robbed more money from the house.

The police said that after committing the crime, the suspect had gone to Hanwella. At the time of his arrest at Dompe, the suspect was under influence of liquor.

Police said the scene of the suspect going into the house and leaving the house had been recorded in a CCTV camera of a nearby house.

Residents in the neighbourhood told the police that they heard screaming from the victim’s house in the morning. Further police investigations are being carried out.

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