Rajini Thiranagama Commemoration, Jaffna (21, 22 Sep. 2014)

By Damith Chandimal Dr. Rajani Thiranagama, a prominent human rights activist and author, a medical doctor, and head of the Department of Anatomy at the University of Jaffna, was assassinated near her home in 1989 at the age of thirty-five. Her death was an immense tragedy for the community and was symbolic of a climate

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“Vision and Reality” a retrospective view of the 1978 constitution for a prospective change to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

“Vision & Reality” is a book with a commemorative compilation to mark the 35th anniversary of the promulgation of the 1978 Second Republican Constitution of Sri Lanka. The book includes articles written by persons who have closely experienced the application of the 1978 Constitution. The book elaborates on what was the vision at the time of

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The Legacy of A New Woman in Our Generation: Sunila Abeysekara (1952-2013)

by Dayapala Thiranagama My first meeting with Sunila Abeysekara was unforgettable. It was July 1976 and I was being held at Slave Island police station. I was waiting in my cell for yet another excruciating round of torture, which I had been subjected to since I had been abducted two weeks ago from my university

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other side of the Wariyapola incident

On 25th August 2014 Thilini Amalka was directed to come to the Wariyapola Police Station by fficer in Charge (OIC) I.C Priyantha. She was told to give a statement to the police. Accordingly she went to the police station on 27th August 2014 along with several Lawyers and Women’s Rights Activists. As we went into

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‘Vision & Reality’ released

Stamford Lake Publishers has come out with a publication titled ‘Vision & Reality’ described as a Commemorative Volume on the Second Republican Constitution of Sri Lanka (1978).Around 200 pages, the volume contains articles by authors from across the political spectrum from Ranil Wickremesinghe to Prof. G.L. Peiris to D.E.W. Gunasekera.The volume also contains an article

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Civil society: The greatest bugbear, the greatest hope?

 Mahinda Rajapakse knows the power and impact of civil society because he worked with us – Dr. Nimalka Fernando, lawyer and activist The young Parliamentarian from Hambantota was trying to board a plane bound for Geneva on 11 September 1990, when he was intercepted by an Assistant Superintendent of Police by the name of Kudahetti.

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   –Jehan Perera The disruption of two media training programmes for Tamil journalists from the former war zones of the North in quick order makes it appear that they have become a target for suppression.   In the space of less than six weeks there have been at least two attempts to prevent Tamil journalists from

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Governments, NGOs and Agendas

By Kalana Senaratne The struggle between Sri Lankan governments and NGOs is by no means a novel development; and their relationship, especially during the past decade, has been extremely tensed. The immediate aftermath of the tsunami disaster in December 2004 brought these tensions to the surface, with the JVP, for example, waging war against the

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Media workshop at SLPI disrupted by mob

By Aanya Wipulasena SLPI rented auditorium for workshop organised by Rights Now Collective for Democracy and the Sri Lanka Tamil Media Alliance View(s): A workshop for journalists organised by a non profit organisation that was to be held at the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) yesterday was called off abruptly after a mob protested outside

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Media, democracy and apathy in Sri Lanka

|By Shirley Candappa The media in a democratic society are considered the fourth estate, along with the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. The main function of the media  is to cover events, gather and spread information and finally through this process to control the activities of state authorities. Abraham Lincoln speaking on the importance

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W’pola girl seeks compensation from police

The girl who was allegedly harassed by a youth at the Wariyapola Bus Terminus filed a fundamental rights petition against the police officers seeking one million rupees as compensation.Petitioner Thilini Amalka cited Chandra Kumara alias Selva, Woman Police Constable Abeysinghe, Wariyapola Police OIC, Kurunegala SSP, the DIG, the IGP and the Attorney General as respondents.The

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My Tribute: Comrade Bala Tampoe, The Legend Is No More!

Some of the comments made here are historically inaccurate, economically illiterate, and politically untenable and the personal invective against me is erroneous. For those who are not pretending to be asleep, I will state some political and economic facts first, about Sri Lanka in the 1940s. Sri Lanka was a plantation economy dominated by the

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Thilini to file FR case against police

Thilini Amalka who had allegedly been subjected to sexual harassment by a man at the Wariyapola bus stand is to file a Fundamental Rights Violation case against the police for arresting her.Attorney-at-Law Lakshan Dias, who is appearing for Thilini said his client’s fundamental rights had been violated when she was arrested by the police. Mr.

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The modus operandi of this government in cracking down on legitimate dissent and protest would be truly farcical if it was not so deadly. What is the government frightened of? First mobs of Buddhist monks are used to ferment and arouse hatred between communities. Now, much like instant noodles, we have ‘instant civil society organisations’

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Event for families of disappeared Northerners disrupted

By Charundi Panagoda One mother thought intruders might assault her When an unruly group of monks and men gate-crashed an event for families of the disappeared in the North, held last Monday, one of the attendees, Rani (not her real name), a mother from Mannar, was so afraid she thought the intruders might assault her.

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SRI LANKA: Chaos theory— connecting the dots

by Maheen Senanayake “No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another.” - Thomas Jefferson I found Mr. Upul Jayasuriya, incumbent head of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, getting ready for the customary BASL meeting on the last Saturday of the month yesterday morning. Over breakfast I threw at

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Concerns on the Expansion of the Mandate of the Commission of Inquiry to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons

25 July 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka: The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) is deeply concerned by the Government of Sri Lanka’s (GOSL) dilution of the primary mandate of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons (COI). These concerns arise from the Gazette No.187/18, issued on 15th July 2014 expanding the mandate

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Colombo US Embassy

U.S. Embassy Concerns on Media Freedom in Sri Lanka

The United States is deeply concerned by the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of a journalism training session in Colombo over the weekend. The eventual cancellation of this training, which was focused on digital security for Jaffna-based journalists and financially supported by the U.S. government, was accompanied by a series of threats and intimidation of training

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Full implementation of 13 – A A response to Neville Ladduwahetty

Full implementation of 13 – A A response to Neville Ladduwahetty July 27, 2014, 9:09 pm President J.RJayewardene and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi signing the Indo-Lankla agreement   by Dr. K. Vigneswaran   The Island of Monday, 9 June 2014 published a Commentary by Mr. Neville Ladduwahetty on India’s call to the Sri Lankan

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Theocratic Fascism & Latent Separatism

DR DAYAN JAYATILLEKA I’ve heard of home invasions but this is the first time I’ve watched a Ministry invasion. The country watched while the BBS swarmed into Rishad Bathiudeen’s Ministry in search of missing monk, to wit, Ven Watarekke Vijitha thero. Was the latter a suspect in a case of murder, rape, child molestation or

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Media Freedom is Not A License to Abuse

By Shirley Candappa Conventional media—radio, television, the newspapers and now the new social or web-based media should play a positive and informative role in society. Media freedom is in fact the right to free and open debate and the freedom of expression. The freedom of thought and expression has evolved over a long period of

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Media Freedom in Sri Lanka –A Reality or Concept?

By Shirley Candappa The media in Sri Lankacomprises several different types of communication –radio, newspapers, television, magazines and web-based media. There are over a dozen privately owned radio stations and more than 30 privately operated television stations, there are also four major print media organizations, a number of political party-run news papers and a large

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Dissolving PNA, Appealing to UN Increase Pressure on Israel

By Saud Abu Ramadan RAMALLAH, April 20 (Xinhua) — As the Middle East peace talks deteriorate, some officials in Ramallah are saying that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has only one major option left — to dissolve the Palestinian National Authority and thus render the Palestinian territories a state under occupation, a move that would “increase

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Women Having Sex Outside Marriage Should be Hanged: Indian leader

New Delhi, April 11, 2014 (Hindustan Times) Samajwadi Party’s leaders are trying to outdo each other by making one shocking statement after the other. After his boss Mulayam Singh Yadav’s comment that death penalty for rape is unfair, Maharashtra unit chief Abu Azmi has now said women, including rape victims, who have sex outside marriage should

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Sam Rajappa - pic: the weekend leader

Sonia Gandhi wanted Colombo to decimate LTTE before finalising a political solution

By Sam Rajappa Hello Friends Sam Rajappa is a veteraqn Indian journalist with vast insight and knowledge about the happenings in the Indian corridors of power. After having worked for a number of Indian and Foreign media institutions he served as director of the Statesman print journalism school after retiring from active journalism.

In a recent

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A Sri Lankan soldier stands in front of a war monument in Kilinochchi, the former stronghold of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (photo by Will Baxter)

Critics Question Sri Lanka’s ban on Tamil Exile Groups

Analysis: Ban could muzzle rights groups and derail abuse investigations Rights monitors are questioning the motives behind Sri Lanka’s decision to ban 16 Tamil diaspora organizations, which the government has accused of links to “terrorism” and the alleged revival of a separatist movement. On Tuesday, External Affairs Minister GL Peiris signed the proscription order outlawing

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Journalism and the safety of the JOURNALIST

By S. Skanda Sri Lanka according to ‘Reporters Without Borders’ ranks 163rd out of 179 countries in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index. During the days of the civil war, Sri Lanka known as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist. Powerful figures in the defence establishment stand accused of harassing  

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